Javascript game
Game1: Sum 10
Game2: Find Jellyfish
Game3: Tic Tac Toe Human vs Human
Game4: Tic Tac Toe with com
Game5: Tic Tac Toe com vs com
Game6: Connect 4 humann to human
Game7: Connect 4 with com
Game8: Connect 4 com vs com
Game9: 5 in a line human to human
Game10: 5 in a line with com
Game11: 5 in a line com vs com
Game12: Memory matching
Game13: Open matching
Game14: Treasure searching
Game15: Lucky draw
Game16: Master mind
Game17: HIdden Minesweeper
Game18: Grid color painter
Game19: Press 50 color box
Game20: Find 25 smiles box
Game21: Find the most color box
Game22: Hit the grass mouse
Game23: Crocodile dentist
Game24: Find the biggest animal on the farm
Game25: Traditional Animals chess

Game26: Chess
Game27: Traditional chess
Game28: Senet chess
Game29: Guess word a-z
Game30: Draught
Game31: Simple scrabble
Game32: Simple scrabble (with preset alpha)
Game33: Square occupy
Game34: Square occupy with com
Game35: Square occupy with 3 com
Game36: Card game
Game37: Tradition blind chess
Game38: 2 Dices
Game39: Simple scrabble with random computer choice
Game40: Find groups 3 in the farm
Game41: Sum 10 in free number grid
Game42: Sum 50 in free number grid
Game43: Single box Mutiple formula challenge
Game44: Single box Sum formula challenge
Game45: Single box Sum/Minus formula challenge
Game46: Single box Sum/Minus/Multiple formula challenge
Game47: All boxes Multiple formula challenge
Game48: All boxes Sum formula challenge
Game49: All boxes Sum/Minus formula challenge
Game50: All boxes Sum/Minus/Multiple formula challenge
Game51: Traditional Chinese Chess- with random step
Game52: Go, with random steps
Game53: Go to 1, Human vs Com, arrow key control
Game54: Moon Mission
Game55: Simple Galaxy, arrow key control
Game56: Search the submarine
Game57: Press the bubble
Game58: Press the yellow circle area
Game59: Press all the yellow ducks
Game60: Buy animals in the farm
Game61: Simple snake and ladder
Game62: Simple snake and ladder with com
Game63: Correct the soduko
Game64: Apple chess human vs human
Game65: Go human vs human
Game66: Piano scale (from do to do')
Game67: Music note practice (lower lower c to c)
Game68: Music note practice (c to upper upper c)
Game69: unlimited chess auto play (4 computer)
Game71: Press the apple
Game72: Press the fruit
Game73: Press the fruit with snake
Game74: Plane war, mouse/mobile version
Game75: Test drive, mouse/mobile version
Game76: Test drive to 1 , mouse/mobile version
Game77: Find the hidden 1, mouse/mobile version
Game78: Test drive with moving ball, mouse/mobile version
Game79: Pong with com, mouse/mobile version
Game80: Dynamic brick, mouse/mobile version
Game81: Vertical test drive, mouse/mobile version
Game82: Vertical plane test drive, mouse/mobile version
Game83: Flight war , mouse/mobile version
Game84: Flight war dynamic fire , mouse/mobile version
Game85: Flight war 2.00 dynamic fire , mouse/mobile version
Game86: Flight war 3.00 dynamic fire , mouse/mobile version
Game87: Press left right top down key exerise, keyboard version
Game88: English Typing practice with keyboard
Game89: Keyboard practice chiangjie
Game90: Plane war with comupter, keyboard version
Game91: Test drive, keyboard version
Game92: Test drive with number , keyboard version
Game93: Find the hidden 1 , keyboard version
Game94: Vertical test drive , keyboard version
Game95: Test drive to moving ball , keyboard version
Game96: Pong with com , keyboard version

Game97: Dynamic brick , keyboard version
Game98: Flight war 2.00 , keyboard version
Game99: Vertical plane test drive , keyboard version
Game100: Flight war , keyboard version
Game101: Flight war with dynamic fire , keyboard version

Game102: Flight war 3.00 , keyboard version

Game103: Press orange balloon, mouse/mobile version
Game104: Press 50 balloons, mouse/mobile version
Game105: Press 1 to 9, mouse/mobile version
Game106: Press 1 to 9 balloon mouse/mobile version
Game107: Press 5 balloon mouse/mobile version
Game108: Sum 10 balloon mouse/mobile version
Game109: coin collector mouse/mobile version
Game110: Unlimit chess Human vs Com
Game111: Unlimit chess Com vs Com
Game112: Unlimit chess Human vs 2 Com
Game113: Unlimit chess 3 Com
Game114: Unlimit chess Human vs 3 Com
Game115: Clean the ocean
Game116: Clean the ocean Human vs Com
Game117: Clean the ocean Com vs Com
Game118: Go to 1, Human vs Com
Game119: Go to 1 Com vs Com
Game120: Get the apple
Game121: Get the apple Human vs Com
Game122: Get the apple Com vs Com
Game123: Grid Tetris
Learn from others series!

Game126: Pong game

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